Demolition Services, Inc. has created a great working relationship with many local and national companies. Over the years, we have performed numerous demolition projects. The list below highlights some of our most popular projects and clients.



Project: Navy Annex – Arlington, VA

Owner: Corinthian Contractors and Demolition Services Inc. (Joint Venture)

Description: Demolition of the old Navy Annex building for expansion of Arlington National Cemetery.  A large scale project incorporating the use of our high reach excavator to reach the highest point of the 7 story structure along with a multitude of excavators.  Concrete from this project was crushed on site and re purposed to multiple projects in the region.  The project included removal of multiple slabs with a total demolition area of over 1,000,000 sq. ft.

Duration: October 2012-September 2013


Project: Springfield Mall – Springfield, VA

Owner: Whiting-Turner

Description: Demolition of selected buildings and section of Springfield Town Center.  Work included interior demolition, separation, and complete demolition of buildings while the mall remained open to the public.  The work was performed in phases per the customer requirements.  Total project demolition approximately 178,000 sq. ft.

Duration: November 2012-March 2014


Project: Louisa County High School – Louisa, VA

Owner: Louisa County Public Schools

Description: Complete demolition of Louisa County High School building including removal of all materials left inside building and existing slabs.  Removal of hazardous material in accordance with local, state, and federal guidelines.  Total project demolition approximately 241,000 sq. ft.

Duration: June 2012-September 2012


Project: Demolition of PEPCO Brandywine Substation

Owner: NCM Demolition and Remediation, LP

Description: Complete demolition and disposal of both two and three story structures. Removal of all slabs, foundations, and sidewalks associated with these structures. Site demolition included parking lots and roadways. Backfill and compaction of basements as well as site grading for positive drainage. Demolition and removal of multiple below grade slabs and foundations.  Structures up to 70’ tall, site in excess of 125,000 sf.

Duration: January 2012-March 2012


Project: Demolition of Henderson Hall – Fort Myer Arlington, VA

Owner: Corinthian Contractors, Inc.

Description: Complete demolition of two 80,000sf buildings standing approximately 65’ above slab on grade.  Also, demolition of 160,000sf parking garage located 2 levels below street grade.  Total demolition of approximately 320,000sf.  Use of our 330 High Reach excavator (70’ reach), multiple excavators with attachments, 963 loader, and crusher for processing demolition material for reuse.  Job was located just north of busy Base Entrance Gate in tight confines and was an extremely high profile project.

Duration: January 2012-September 2012


Project: Basis School – Washington, DC

Owner: Canyon Building & Design

Description: Complete interior demolition of an entire 6 story school located in Northwest Washington, DC.  DSI stripped the entire interior structure back to solid walls and floors for complete renovation.  Project was done in one mobilization and had to be completed within 30 calendar days, with an enormous effort placed on the coordination with multiple follow on trades.  We had a 20 plus man crew, with multiple trash chutes working countless hours to insure the schedule was met.

Duration: March 2012-May 2012


Project: Williamsburg Landing – Williamsburg, VA

Owner: Henderson, Inc.

Description: Interior selective demolition of a 150,000sf Assisted Living Facility.  This project was performed while the building was occupied and fully operational, with no incidents or complaints from the tenants.  DSI stripped the entire interior structure back to solid walls and floors for complete renovation.  Project was done in three phases, under an extremely tight schedule and with an enormous effort placed on the coordination with multiple follow on trades.

Duration: November 2011-October 2013


Project: Gunston Bridge – Fort Belvoir, VA

Owner: Shirley Contracting, LLC

Description: Complete demolition of the Gunston Road Bridge located on Fort Belvoir Base, VA.  DSI performed this project on and off hours to insure the project was completed in a safe and timely fashion, but also to insure the traffic pattern remained as steady as possible at this extremely busy location.  A high volume of sawcutting, hammering, and crane time was spent to insure the project went as planned.  There were no incidents and the General Contractor rewarded us by contracting with us to perform a 2 Story Building demolition with building separation as a change order to our contract.  DSI was also awarded this General Contractors next Bridge Demolition set to begin in 7/12.

Duration: March 2012-June 2012


Project: Whisper Ridge – Charlottesville, VA

Owner: Summit Contracting, Inc

Description: Complete Demolition of a 100,000sf Assisted Living Complex, including site demolition, clearing, erosion controls, and grading.  Project was performed under a very aggressive schedule, and completed in a safe and timely fashion.

Duration: May 2012-June 2012


Project: Sentara Hospital – Norfolk, VA

Owner: The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Description: Phase 1 Demolition and building separation of section of Sentara Hospital.  Separation of 3 floors plus roof of building away from main hospital structure, and safe demolition and disposal.  DSI performed this project while the hospital was fully operational, making our project extremely tedious.  Project was completed without incident, in a timely fashion.

Duration: March 2012-April 2012


Project: Demolition of Bomb Loading Plant #1 and #2, Yorktown, VA.

Owner: Naval Weapons Station – Yorktown

Description: Demolition of Bomb Loading Plant #1 and #2, which consists of demolition of explosive storage buildings, railroad ties, tunnels, concrete slabs, foundations, and roadways. All concrete is crushed onsite to be utilized for new construction projects.

Duration: January 2010-September 2012


Project: Demolition of Military Housing – 4 phases

Owner: Hunt Building Co., LTD – Langley Air Force Base Privatized Family Housing

Description: Demolition of multiple family housing units. This project is a multi-phase project spanning over several years. Project also includes land clearing, asbestos abatement, utility demo and recycling of concrete to meet site specs.

Duration: January 2010-June 2014


Project: Demolition of Williamsburg Pottery Factory Retail Stores

Owner: Williamsburg Pottery Factory, Inc.

Description: Demolition of multiple retail spaces. Removal of parking lots, rough grade and onsite concrete crushing/recycling to meet new construction aggregate specs.

Duration: October 2010-February 2011


Project: Demolition of Family Housing, Defense Supply Center Richmond VA.

Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Norfolk District

Description: Hazardous materials abatement, Multi-family housing demolition, and site restoration.

Duration: January 2009-June 2009


Project: Demolition – Central Green Area

Owner: Johns Hopkins University – Applied Physics Laboratory

Description: The scope of work included the demolition of various steel structure buildings, onsite concrete crushing, and site restoration to be turned into “green space”.

Duration: August 2008-January 2009