Demolition Services, Inc. (DSI) has the ability to perform a variety of services for the removal of Industrial and commercial structures. We have a proven track record of meeting challenging deadlines while maintaining a safe work environment. We specialize in various types of demolition and understand that each client has its own needs and requirements. We perform complete HAZMAT remediation, demolition (structural and/or selective interior), and site restoration for Commercial or Industrial projects.  In addition, DSI can provide services such as demolition of warehouses, hospitals, shopping centers, bridges, office buildings.

We have performed Commercial and Industrial projects up to 350,000sf (Williamsburg Pottery) ranging in value of anywhere from $10,000 up to $5,000,000. We make every attempt to ensure that your project is done to your specifications, within your budget and meets your timeline. DSI also provides mobile crushing and recycling which allows us to re use materials onsite to save on cost when requested by the owner. Our goal on every project is to provide the highest quality of service, while maintaining safety and providing the client the ability to quickly return their property back to productive use.